Where crystal growth is critical, our growth type crystallizer can be applied.

The growth type crystallizer consists of a concentric two-body arrangement connected by a central downcomer. The lower body (retention or growth chamber) supplies the necessary volume and fluidization characteristics for developed supersaturation release and crystal growth. The supersaturation is released upon a fluidized bed of crystals classified by particle size resulting in controlled crystal growth. By removing the crystalline products from a specific location in the classified bed, a distinct crystal particle size can be targeted. The upper body (vapour body) is used for evaporation applications where sufficient surface area and disengagement height is required for vapor release. An external pump provides recirculation from the retention chamber to the vapour body.

Our growth type crystallizer can produce a narrow distribution of larger crystals. Typical applications for these systems can include ammonium sulphate, ammonium nitrate and potassium chloride.